David Rhyne

(Owner and chief engineer)

Traffic sound is owned and operated by David Rhyne. Here are a few interesting facts about David. He picked up most of his studio experience producing projects in Los Angeles and Nashville. There he learned that the secret to a good recording it’s not so much the studio you’re working in but the quality of people you’re working with. He has produced and written with Grammy winning artists that have collectively sold more than 100 million albums such as Chynna Phillips of Wilson Phillips, Bernie Leadon of the Eagles and Crystal Bernard from NBC sitcom wings. He and  artist/cowriter Vaughan Penn, have had over 150 song placements on major network television shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, Superstore, NCIS Miami, Criminal Minds, Bones and many many more. They wrote and produced the opening theme for MTV's hit show The Hills. David has also had the privilege of working alongside a few Billboard #1 producers such as Ron Nevison, Mike Shipley, Paul Worley, Dann Huff, John Guess and Biff Watson. That experience combined with a very musical approach to recording in a quiet relaxed atmosphere makes Traffic Sound Studio the perfect place to bring out the best in anyone who chooses to work here.

The Studio

Traffic Sound is one of the most unique recording studios in the Charlotte area. It was designed by Don Rice and David Rhyne from the ground up as a studio. It is a 1700 square-foot facility with solid oak hardwood floors and 12 foot ceilings throughout. There are five spacious isolation rooms, each with a unique shape and sound all its own. Whether you need intimate vocals, warm acoustic guitars and pianos or love bombastic drums… there is a space specifically designed for that. The electronic side of things is covered by a nice selection of analog outboard gear blended with all the latest digital toys and editing tricks of the trade. Plenty of classic vintage instruments scattered throughout will appeal to all those who still have an appreciation for true authentic tone.

Traffic Sound is located 25 minutes from Charlotte International Airport in a tiny town called Dallas NC. It overlooks acres of open countryside so inspiration is never more than a few steps away.